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The Marrowbone Marble Company

Taylor, M. Glenn


On Sale Date: 5/11/10
Print Run: 50,000
Format: Hardcover
  368 pgs.
Price: $24.99
ISBN: 0061923931
ISBN 13: 9780061923937
Other Formats
Ebook 9780061993589

1941. Orphan Loyal Ledford works the swing shift tending furnace at the Mann Glass factory in Huntington, WV. He courts Rachel, the boss’s daughter, a company nurse with spike straight posture and coal black hair. When Pearl Harbor is attacked, Ledford, like so many young men of his time, sets his life on a new course. Upon his return from service in the war and back at his old job, Ledford starts a family with Rachel, but he chafes under the authority at Mann Glass. He is a lost man, unconnected from the present and haunted by the past until he meets his cousins the Bonecutter brothers. Their land calls to Ledford, and it is there, with help from an unlikely bunch, that The Marrowbone Marble Company is slowly forged. Its grounds become a vanguard of the civil rights movement and the war on poverty, a home for those intent on change. Such a home inevitably invites trouble, and Ledford must fight for his family. Returning to the territory of the critically acclaimed The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart, Glenn Taylor recounts the transformative journey of a man and his community. Told in clean and powerful prose, The Marrowbone Marble Company is a story of struggle and loss, righteousness and redemption.

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