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The Bucolic Plague

Kilmer-Purcell, Josh


On Sale Date: 6/1/10
Print Run: 35,000
Format: Hardcover
  320 pgs.
Price: $24.99
ISBN: 006133698X
ISBN 13: 9780061336980
Other Formats
Ebook 9780061996993

A happy series of accidents takes Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner, Brent, to the doorstep of the magnificent (and fabulously “For Sale”) Beekman Mansion. One hour later, they have transformed from uptight urbanites into the 200-year-old mansion-owning Beekman Boys, a.k.a. the Fag Farmers. Like Oliver and Lisa Douglas in Green Acres, Josh—a full-time New Yorker approaching middle age with a successful advertising career—is suddenly a weekend farmer, surrounded by nature’s bounty and an eclectic cast: roosters who double for a wedding cover band, Bubby the bionic cat, and a herd of 60 goats courtesy of their new caretaker, Farmer John. Tart and sweet, touching and laugh-out-loud funny, The Bucolic Plague shows what happens when two middle-aged New Yorkers (one, an ex-drag queen) do the unthinkable: start over, have a herd of kids (the four-legged kind), and get a little dirty.

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