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One More Theory About Happiness

Guest, Paul


On Sale Date: 5/4/10
Print Run: 30,000
Format: Hardcover
  208 pgs.
Price: $24.99
ISBN: 0061685178
ISBN 13: 9780061685170
Other Formats
Ebook 9780061992520

Paul Guest was 12 years old, racing down a hill on a too-big, ancient bicycle when he discovered he had no brakes. Trying to steer into anything that would slow down the bike, he hit a ditch, was thrown over the handlebars, and broke his neck. One More Theory about Happiness follows a boy into manhood, his path suddenly circumscribed by disability and its attendant complications: rage and despair, as well as a hard-earned acceptance and biting sense of humor. In incisive and lyrical prose, he captures the seesaw of setbacks and successes that define his life. An unprecedented story, a unique fusion of the deeply-felt prose of Joan Didion or Lucy Grealy with the irreverent edge of Nick Flynn or Dave Eggers, Guest’s memoir takes us from a body irrevocably changed to a life fiercely cherished.

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