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Husband and Wife

Stewart, Leah


On Sale Date: 5/4/10
Print Run: 40,000
Format: Hardcover
  352 pgs.
Price: $24.99
ISBN: 0061774502
ISBN 13: 9780061774508
Other Formats
Ebook 9780061992476

From the author of The Myth of You and Me (one of People Magazine’s 10 Best Reads) comes Husband and Wife. In her youth, Sarah Price had dreams of becoming a poet. But the meticulously responsible 35-year-old traded her MFA for a steady job that allows her husband, Nathan, to devote himself to his fiction. And there are two small children who need their mother’s attention as well. But Sarah is happy and she believes Nathan is too, until she discovers that his new novel, Infidelity, is based in fact. Suddenly Sarah’s world is turned upside down. How well does she really know Nathan? And more importantly, how well does she know herself?

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