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I’d Know you Anywhere

Laura Lippman

Fiction/Mystery and Detective

On Sale Date: 8/24/10
Print Run: 150000
Format: Hardcover
  384 pgs.
Price: $25.99
ISBN: 61706558
ISBN 13: 9780061706554
Other Formats
LP 9780061979224
Unabridged CD 9780061988486

Eliza Benedict is living a quiet, contented life: an achievement for most people, but a monumental one for Eliza. And then a letter arrives, a letter where the correspondent is identified by a long series of numbers. It is the man who kidnapped Eliza, then known as Elizabeth, the summer she was 12 years old, a man who kidnapped four girls in all — and killed three. On Death Row in Virginia for the rape/murder of his final victim, Walter initially appears to be making a heartfelt act of contrition. He wants nothing of Elizabeth, whom he lost track of long ago, but he has seen her photo in the paper. His execution date is drawing near. He is trying, best he can, to make amends to those he harmed. Carefully, with some reluctance, she lets Walter enter her life, first by letter, then in person. And as the new relationship develops, it becomes clear that Walter has more of an agenda than he first revealed. He believes he should not be facing the death penalty, and that Eliza, if she will allow herself to remember what happened that summer, could make that case for him.

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