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Tedrowe, Emily Gray


On Sale Date: 6/29/10
Print Run: 30,000
Format: Trade Paperback
  400 pgs.
Price: $13.99
ISBN: 0061859478
ISBN 13: 9780061859472
Other Formats
Ebook 9780062002846

Winnie Easton has finally found love again with Jerry Trevis, a wealthy businessman who has moved to the small town of Hartfield, New York to begin his life anew. But their decision to buy one of the town’s biggest houses ignites anger and skepticism in their families. Jerry’s daughter, Annette, fears her inheritance might disappear, and takes drastic action to freeze Jerry’s assets, while Winnie’s daughter, Rachel, struggling with her own finances, is secretly humiliated by her mother’s newfound love and money: but not enough to turn down Jerry’s offer of a loan. In the meantime, Avery, Jerry’s 20-year-old grandson, a hot-shot chef with an attitude and a cocaine-fueled past, is scouting out venues in which to start his own restaurant-with none other than Jerry’s money to back him up. With so much riding on Jerry’s wealth–Avery’s restaurant, Rachel’s loans, Winnie’s new home–a rapid decline in Jerry’s physical health forces hard decisions on the family, renewing some old loyalties while creating new and surprising alliances.

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