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Little Princes

Conor Grennan


On Sale Date: 01/25/2011
Print Run: 200,000
Format: Hardcover
304 pgs.
Price: $25.99
ISBN: 0061930059
ISBN 13: 9780061930058

About to turn thirty, Conor Grennan planned a year-long trip around the world. He started his trip with a three-month stint volunteering in the Little Princes Orphanage in war-torn Nepal. While there, Conor was approached by a woman who would turn out to be the mother of two of the wards. Over hours of conversations with her, Conor learned the truth about the kids he’d come to love. Many of the little princes were not orphans but rather had been taken from their homes by child traffickers. In addition to losing two of her boys, this woman, while under the control of a human trafficker, was doing her best to keep seven other terrified kids alive in her mud hut. Conor’s life changed in those moments, as he decided to commit himself to the children, regularly traveling three hours by bus to take them food. After securing spots in an orphanage for all seven and arranging for an excellent local staff to run the orphanage, Conor escaped Nepal before revolution erupted in Kathmandu, with the King’s police shooting protestors in the streets. After arriving home, Conor received a devastating email reporting that the seven kids had disappeared, snatched once again by the same trafficker. Soon he was back in Kathmandu, riding through the chaotic streets on the back of a local’s motorcycle, searching for his kids, seven needles in a corrupt haystack. And that is where Conor’s story begins.

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