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Celebrity Chekhov

Ben Greenman


On Sale Date: 10/05/2010
Print Run: 35,000
Format: Trade Paperback
420 pgs.
Price: $13.99
ISBN: 0061990493
ISBN 13: 9780061990496
Other Formats
Ebook 9780062020840
AUD 9780062007018

The immortal stories of Anton Chekhov have long entranced readers with their insights into the universal truths of human behavior. But you’ve never read them quite like this. In a witty, graceful, and revelatory feat of literary reinvention, acclaimed novelist and humorist Ben Greenman has taken nineteen of Chekhov’s greatest stories and reimagined them as inhabited by some of the best-known entertainers of our time—to eye-opening, and ennobling, results. Former friends Nicole and Paris exchange barbed pleasantries in “Tall and Short,” former lovers Britney and Justin face lost love and youth in “A Lady’s Story,” Eminem struggles with his art and creative process in “Hush,” and Lindsay faces her own redundancy as an actress in “A Classical Student.” More than just a literary stunt, Celebrity Chekhov is a surprisingly compassionate window into a set of lives that have traditionally been considered tabloid fodder at best. By turns devastating and devastatingly funny, this hilarious gem of a book will delight literature geeks and pop-culture addicts alike.

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