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Michael Korda


On Sale Date: 11/16/2011
Print Run: 150,000
Format: Hardcover
800 pgs.
Price: $34.99
ISBN: 0061712612
ISBN 13: 9780061712616
Other Formats
LP: 9780062002471

Michael Korda’s Hero is the story of an epic life on a grand scale: a revealing, in-depth, and gripping biography of the extraordinary, mysterious, and dynamic Englishman whose daring exploits and romantic profile—including his sun-burnished blonde locks and flowing white robes—made him an object of intense fascination, known the world over as “Lawrence of Arabia.” Yet unlike other biographers, Korda does not seek to destroy the legend: rather he aims to demystify and reveal the real man—T. E. Lawrence—as he truly was. Korda analyzes Lawrence’s vision for the modern Middle East—plans that, if they had been carried through, might have prevented the hatred and bloodshed that have become ubiquitous to the region. Ultimately, as his magisterial work demonstrates, Lawrence remains the paradigm of the hero in modern times, the arch-heroic type whose life is at once a triumph and a sacrifice, and whose capacity to astonish remains undimmed.

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