MARA DYER, YA Best Seller


Michelle Hodkin’s second YA novel, The Evolution of Mara Dyer (S&S YR, 10/23), is her first best seller. It arrives at #8 on the NYT Children’s Chapter Books list this week.

As Hodkin writes on her blog, she is clearly thrilled,

This is especially astonishing to me because The Unbecoming [of Mara Dyer S&S YR, 2011] was not a “big” book. There was no major deal. No fortune to fuel the hype machine … A book that many people, if not most, still don’t know how to categorize. still have trouble describing what it’s about. The odds of a book hitting the New York Times list is low to start, but the odds of books like mine hitting it? Even slimmer.

The LA Times called the first book, an “unsettling paranormal romance [in which] a young girl survives a trauma but discovers she may be going insane.”

The third book in the trilogy will be The Retribution of Mara Dyer, planned for fall, 2013.

Below, Dyer talks about her rapid path to becoming a published author, how the internet has changed that process and the joy she gets from contact with fans through social media.

A side note; the story on her blog about rescuing her beloved dog Maggie, is harrowing, but uplifting.

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