Grasping at TWILIGHT’s Straws

Headlines are doing little to dispel rumors that Stephenie Meyer plans to continue the Twilight saga.

At a press conference for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (which, need we remind you, is the final movie in the series), Meyer was cagey about the question, but the headlines are less so:


IndieWire —‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Says She Has More Stories Planned

ABC News — Stephenie Meyer Not Ruling Out More ‘Twilight’ Stories

Entertainment Weekly — Stephenie Meyer says more ‘Twilight’ books a possibility, but not today

The actual quotes, from the Entertainment Weekly story, are more along the lines of “Who knows? Stranger things have happened.”

In response to a question about what happens to Jake (Taylor Lautner in the films), and Renesmee, (Mackenzie Foy):

I planned out where [the story] would go for a couple more books. So, I knew exactly what  would happen.

Will those books see the light of day?

Maybe someday, I’ll write it out just for myself. We’ll see.

It seems nobody asked, however, if they might become movies instead.

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