New Year, New EWGC

Several of our long-time GalleyChatters have left Twitter, finding it inhospitable.

Fearing this may become a trend, we are migrating our GalleyChats to a new platform, Mastodon.

Mastodon explains itself in this video:

To ease into it, we will hold this month’s chat, Thursday January 5th, 4 t0 5 pm ET (3:30 for pre-chat cocktails),  on both Twitter and Mastodon. Please choose just ONE for your posts with the hashtag #ewgc. UPDATE, on second thought, use either or both, if you want to practice. I’ll sort it out in the roundup.

If Mastodon seems to work for us, we will hold the February 2nd chat on Mastodon only.

For those who are want to make the switch now —

  1. Create your account here 
  2. Mastodon will ask you to choose a “server instance”.  Mastodon is decentralized across independently managed servers, each of which is administered separately and has its own rules. You can join GalleyChat from any of the servers by using our hashtag #ewgc. EarlyWord and several GalleyChatters chose
  3. If you don’t like Mastodon’s default black background, you can change the setting to “light” under Preferences
  4. Looking for an alternative to TweetDeck? Try Sengi —
  5. For those who want to schedule posts on Mastodon (called “toots” in Mastodon parlance), this article will help (thanks, Janet for finding it) —

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