GalleyChat Roundup, June, 2022

We experienced some Twitter issues during the June chat. As a result, there were fewer titles than usual, around 170, down from a high of 250. We don’t know what happened, one of our GalleyChatters received a notice that posts were being held back for potentially “harmful content.” Maybe that proves what we’ve always thought, reading can be a dangerous activity. Roundups are below. To read the full chat, search Twitter by #ewgc.

EarlyWord GalleyChat, June, 2022 — link to spreadsheet of the titles on Google Docs. Includes quotes from tweets, notes on debuts, diversity titles, those mentioned for the first time, LibraryReads deadlines and DRC availability. NOTE: If you have any trouble downloading the spreadsheet, please let us know.

Edelweiss catalog — includes covers, publisher marketing information, and links to Edelweiss DRCs.

Our next chat is scheduled for Thursday, July 7th, 4 to 5 pm ET (3:30 for virtual cocktails).Click here for the schedule of upcoming GalleyChats.

The next LibraryReads deadline is July 1, for books publishing in August. Please give special attention to our list of upcoming diversity titles.

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