We often joke here at EarlyWord that we get our news based on which books are rising Amazon’s sales rankings.

Sometimes the connections are surprising, like when Josephine Tey’s 1951 mystery, The Daughter of Time experienced a sudden sales spike, on the news  of the discovery of Richard III’s bones (in the novel, Tey’s detective looks in to why Richard was regarded as an evil hunchback, even though a contemporary portrait shows him quite differently).

9780061992254_43ab9Today, Katherine A. Applegate’s 2013 Newbery Award winning book, The One and Only Ivan (HarperCollins), about a gorilla living in a cage in a shopping mall, made a sudden leap to #157. We suspect that the interest was spiked by the story of Harambe, the gorilla who was killed in a Cincinnati zoo, a story that even caught Donald Trump’s attention.

The book also recently received a boost, based on the news in early May that Disney is planning to adapt it as a movie.


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