Five Things We Learned From WSJ’s John Green Profile

John Green is now officially famous, proclaims a Wall Street Journal profile.


Librarians already know Green pretty well, from his books, online videos, and appearances at library shows and that he once worked at Booklist.

Here’s a few bits we gleaned from the profile:

1) He needs grooming (he always looked fine to us, but the WSJ photo, NOT the one above, lists a credit for “Grooming by Nickee David”)

2) He’s a hypochondriac who avoids physical contact with strangers (from his ease at sold-out appearances, we assumed he loved strangers)

3) His seemingly down-home videos are created with five writers, editors, directors, and producers, and are shot on a set, using a SCRIPT

4) He has 25 employees in total

5) His merchandise company (T-shirts and fan art) grossed $2.3 million last year

In case we need to remind you, the movie of Green’s book, The Fault in Our Stars, debuts on June 6. According to the WSJ, Hollywood is convinced it will be a hit and already sees it “as a new model for low-risk, high-reward teen blockbusters.”

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