Final Trailer for Hunger Games

The final trailer for Hunger Games debuted last night during Game 4 of the World Series (see below).

It follows the teaser trailer  released in April, and the first trailer, which  debuted  at Comic-Con in July. We have trouble keeping them straight, but, thank heavens, Entertainment Weekly is here to guide us, saying it “teased more of the new treacherous arena of the all-star tribute games. Howler monkeys. Jabberjays. Jennifer Lawrence doing what she does best (when her face throbs with panic and she lets loose one of those raspy screams).”

The movie arrives Nov. 22

This makes us nostalgic for when Hunger Games, the book was first launched, with many librarians helping to get the buzz started (below is a quote that Scholastic featured at their 2008 BEA booth:


Catching Fire Tie-inCatching Fire: Movie Tie-in Edition: The Second Book of The Hunger Games
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