Holds Alert, Deux: THE SILENT WIFE

Silent WifeIf holds are any indication, and we believe they are, word of mouth is growing for The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison, (Penguin Trade Pbk original).

We issued a holds alert for it a few weeks ago, after he Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s reviewer Laura DeMarco declared it “Better Than Gone Girl,” bringing a surge of holds to area libraries and a ripple effect across the country. In the Huffington Post last week, HeadBulter.com’s Jesse Kornbluth, also makes that comparison, “If You Liked Gone Girl, You’ll Find Fresh Thrills in The Silent Wife.

Other than that, there hasn’t been much media attention in the U.S. [UPDATE: There was a bit more — one of the most thoughtful writers about mysteries, Sarah Weinman reviewed it in the New Republic as did Laura Miller in Salon]

The book has received attention, however, in the UK, with the The Guardian noting “The slow, murderous disintegration of a marriage is all too believable in ASA Harrison’s first – and final – novel.” The author, who died just before her debut novel was published, was Canadian and her book is reviewed widely in Canadian newspapers — The Globe and MailThe Winnipeg Free Press, The Vancouver Sun and The National Post.

It is an original trade paperback, making it easier to buy additional copies and an immediate book club candidate.

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