Witches of Eastwick  Witches of East End

A new TV series, Witches of East End, based on the book of the same title by Melissa de la Cruz, debuts on Oct. 6 on Lifetime.

The title seems to have confused some TV critics at the Television Critics Association fall preview panel Friday, who remember the ABC series The Witches of Eastwick, which was based on the movie adapted from the John Updike novel of the same title (RH/Knopf, 1984).

For those who know the difference, TV Guide compares the correct book to the adaptation.

The Lifetime series stars Julia Ormond as Joanna Beauchamp. Entertainment Weekly offers a first look, with a photo of her in the role.

The novel, Witches of East End (Hyperion, 2011) is the first in a series that continues with Serpent’s Kiss (Hyperion, 2012) and the forthcoming Winds of Salem (Hyperion, 8/13/13).

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