TRASH The Movie

TrashMartin Sheen (West Wing) and Rooney Mara (the English-language version of  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) are set to star in the adaptation of Andy Mulligan’s 2010 YA novel, Trash (RH/David Fickling).

The book received strong reviews and was on several state awards list that year. Horn Book described it as, “Treasure Island meets Slumdog Millionaire in a rousing and hugely entertaining adventure set in an unnamed third-world country in the not-too-distant future. Fourteen-year-old Raphael Fernandez and his friend Gardo are ‘trash boys’ in rubbish-town, picking through ‘one whole long world of steaming trash,’ never finding anything of interest or value…until one day they do…”

Production is scheduled to begin in Rio de Janeiro early next month, with release scheduled for May next year.

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