John Green Accepts ABA’s Indie Prize

Below, John Green, accepting the Indie Prize given by the American Booksellers Association to writers who best represent commitment to independent book stores, calls “bullshit” to the concept that authors like him, who speak directly to their readers via social media, don’t “need the value-sucking middlemen of bookstores and publishers and in the future … no one will stand between author and reader except possibly an e-commerce site that takes just a tiny little percentage of each transaction.”

He hates being held up as an example of an author who doesn’t need support from publishers, editors, librarians and booksellers and ends by saying,”We built … the book business, the idea-sharing, consciousness-expanding business together … and we’re going to keep building this together.”

His comment about Ayn Rand is worth an award in itself.

2 Responses to “John Green Accepts ABA’s Indie Prize”

  1. Monica McAbee Says:

    That was rousingly wonderful. Thanks for posting it, Nora!

  2. Marcia Strykowski Says:

    Very cool–thanks for sharing!