Miss Peregrine, The Sequel

A sequel to the surprise hit, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is now scheduled for publication on June 11, 2013. It is currently being called simply, the Untitled Miss Peregrine Sequel by Ransom Riggs,(9781594746123, 1594746125; $17.99; Quirk Books).

There’s been no news about the film version, however. In December, it was reported that Tim Burton was circling the project, but there’s been no information on whether he committed to it.

3 Responses to “Miss Peregrine, The Sequel”

  1. MC Says:

    Please, no Tim Burton.

  2. courtney Says:

    i am immensely excited about the new book coming out!! i just found out that i love to read and i have always said i hated to read ( i am 17) but then this summer i found that i liked it. Miss Peregrine was one of the first of 3 books i have read so far in my new love of reading and found it to be a joy. The book was not at all what i expected it to be but that is one of the reasons i loved the book.

  3. courtney Says:

    btw i think that Tim Burton is a great idea because of the way your book is and his style of films its a mach made in heaven.