No HUNGER GAMES at the Super Bowl

UPDATE: Lionsgate will air a new Hunger Games teaser — not during the Super Bowl, but during the pregame (it’s so much fun trying to keep up with this).

Here’s the teaser for the teaser:

Did you know that the Super Bowl ads are a predictor of the economy? According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there will be more automobile ads this year and the first real estate ad in two decades, indicating that advertisers, at least, think consumers are ready to spend on big-ticket items. And social media has taken hold. No longer content to just create and run a memorable spot, advertisers are leaking teasers online and embedding URL’s so viewers, with tablets, laptops and iPhones in hand as they watch the game, can join contests and share favorite clips with friends.

But one business seems to be pulling back. Last year, movie studios ran ads for 15 films, including 5 based on books or comic books. The L.A. Times‘ roundup of studio advertising this year mentions only 4 spots, with just one based on a book (Disney may use its spot to promote John Carter, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, RH/Modern Library).

Lionsgate is sitting out this Super Bowl, so fans of Hunger Games will not be treated to a new trailer (the latest one, below, was released in mid November). That may be a good thing. Promotion via social media, has been so heavy that some media observers wonder if all that bloggingTweeting, FacebookingGoogling, and YouTubing is just too much.

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