FAMILY FANG, A Minty Fresh Delight

On EarlyWord‘s GalleyChat, we’ve been talking about The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson (Ecco, 8/1) for months. It just arrived last week and it’s fun to see others come to the party.

On Fresh Air yesterday, Maureen Corrigan said it’s particularly refreshing that the book is being published during the heat of summer,

“…it’s such a minty fresh delight to open up Kevin Wilson’s debut novel, The Family Fang, and feel the revitalizing blast of original thought, robust invention, screwball giddiness. Every copy of The Family Fang sold in August should have a sticker on it imprinted with the life-giving invitation that used to be issued on movie marquees in summertime during the dawn of the air-conditioning age: ‘Come on in! It’s cooool inside!’ “

Holds are heavy in libraries on light ordering.

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