Small Press, Big Reviews

What writer wouldn’t love this opening section from the Washington Post ‘s review,

You’re unlikely to find a wittier, more ingenious, more compulsively readable novel this year than Tom Carson’s latest, a satiric revue of the dearly departed American Century starring an 86-year-old woman who saw it all. The daughter of that charmer whose “voice is full of money,” as gold-hatted Gatsby said of Daisy, Pamela Buchanan tells what happened after the last mournful pages of The Great Gatsby.

The book is Daisy Buchanan’s Daughter, published by the Washington DC-area small independent, Paycock Press.

It was also reviewed in the 6/26 NYT BR, where it didn’t get as strong a reception. It seems the editors disagreed with that assessment; it is listed as “Editors’ Choice” title in the 7/3 issue.

A limited number of libraries have ordered it.

Daisy Buchanan’s Daughter
Tom Carson
Retail Price: $24.95
Paperback: 628 pages
Publisher: Paycock Press – (2011-06-22)
ISBN / EAN: 0931181348 / 9780931181344

One Response to “Small Press, Big Reviews”

  1. Wendy Bartlett Says:

    we ordered a few copies; our local paper had given it an enthusiastic review, but kept talking about the fact that it was a challenging read, so I think readership will be pretty limited.