Kristin Scott Thomas, who stars in the film Sarah’s Key, based on Tatiana de Rosnay’s novel, was interviewed on Fresh Air yesterday. She talked about her personal relationship to the little-known story of the roundup and killing of French Jews during WWII that inspired both the book and the movie.

The film is showing in a limited number of theaters; check the film’s Web site to find theaters in your area.


Sarah’s Key
Tatiana de Rosnay
Retail Price: $13.99
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin – (2011-07-05)
ISBN / EAN: 1250004349 / 9781250004345

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  1. Kay Says:

    This just calls to mind SUITE FRANCAISE by Irène Némirovsky, which was to be a 5-volume work on the Nazi occupation of France, begun WHILE the occupation was going on–but unfortunately the work never finished, as Némirovsky was one of the Jews (Russian born but living in France since a teenager) rounded up. She died in Auschwitz.