Suzanne Collins on Hunger Games Casting

There’s been some grousing about the casting of blonde Jennifer Lawrence as the dark-haired, olive-skinned Katniss Everdeen in the film version of Hunger Games.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly‘s “Inside Movies,” author Suzanne Collins weighs in on the choice, saying she was part of the casting process and “…after watching dozens of auditions by a group of very fine young actresses, I felt there was only one who truly captured the character I wrote in the book” and that actress was Lawrence.

6 Responses to “Suzanne Collins on Hunger Games Casting”

  1. Emily Says:

    Has anyone ever heard of hair dye?

  2. Susan Says:

    I must I’m really pleased with the selection. I bought a postcard sized piece of art several months back because it just screamed Katniss to me. I know some people will be upset, but they will learn to get over it (hopefully). Collins’s support also makes me feel that they made a great choice.

    @Emily I know right.

  3. Robyn Hawk Says:

    If you saw Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone – you know this girl can get down an dirty! She really skinned that squirrel! Don’t let the photos of the gorgeous blonde at the Oscars be your guide. Check out the movie…

  4. nste pagley Says:

    i cant wait intel march 23 its gona be the hunger games movie

  5. love2read Says:

    i don`t like the girl that will be playing katniss i just don`t think she fits her role. its not her hair i`m worried about

  6. Madison Lister Says:

    Suzane Collins, I know you might not read this, but if you do, myself and many of my friends and family think it would be an amazing, but difficult and challenging process, if you would wrte at least the first book,”The Hunger Games”, in Peeta Mellark’s point of view. I think it will be a hit. If it is a hit, ypu should consider writing them all again in his point of view.I hope you will read this. Thank you so much.-Madison Lister.
    -Madison Lister