Yes, You CAN Find a Library Job

A teacher completing her MLS last fall wrote on the school librarians listserv,  LM_NET, that she was concerned about being able to get a job. With all the doom saying on listservs, blogs and professional journals, she wanted learn how to make herself more marketable as she applied for jobs in the coming spring.

I started to write some advice about marketing; how to focus a resume, what to include in a cover letter, how to prepare a demo lesson and what to avoid, based on things actual job seekers did that drove me crazy (like being late for interviews, bringing a friend and dressing inappropriately — yes, one candidate actually wore  flip-flops).

I  soon realized that it was way too much to post on LM_Net, and it evolved in to the cover story of the new issue of School Library Journal, “Hang in There: How to Get a Job Against All Odds.” It may give hope to those who fear they’ll never get a library job.

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