CBS SUNDAY MORNING Filled with Books

Books were all over CBS Sunday Morning this week, sending every one mentioned up Amazon’s sales rankings.

#15 (from #240) The Gourmet Cookie Book, HMH

#45 (from #61) Awkward Family Photos, Mike Bender, Three Rivers/Crown (video not available online).

#86 (from #145) True Grit, Charles Portis, Overlook
In a profile, Matt Damon, who stars in the Coen brothers movie of True Grit (opening on Wednesday), says he may be “only person in America who hasn’t seen the [1968 John Wayne] movie.” When Damon asked the Coen brothers if he should see it, they said, “Actually, the book is where you should go, because we’re not looking at it as a remake of that film as much as a strict adaptation of this great book.” Portis is also profiled today in the NYT.

A story about book covers is not very insightful, although it’s fun to see some of the people behind several books.

One of the covers discussed is for the forthcoming The Story of a Beautiful Girl, by Rachel Simon, featured recently in LJ‘s “PrePub Alert.”

(no noticeable Amazonsales bump for this one).

The Story of a Beautiful Girl
Rachel Simon
Retail Price: $24.99
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing – (2011-05-04)
ISBN / EAN: 0446574465 / 9780446574464

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