It’s the Mocks!

Below is this year’s list of Mocks, from Bank Street School.

Mock Newbery 2011

Mock Printz 2011

A small moment of gloating if I may. Last year when I posted that our kids picked When You Reach Me, there were a few comments sent to me by e-mail, that of course our kids who live and go to school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan picked a book about their neighborhood. Hah! (if readers recall, my kids picked the real winner). My favorite kid comment was, “I loved this book because it was all the genres at once, realistic, historical fiction, fantasy and a mystery.”

I am in for marathon sessions of booktalks in the coming weeks. Wish me luck.

5 Responses to “It’s the Mocks!”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I always think it’s funny when so many titles on the “Mock” lists aren’t even published yet. Average librarians and teachers haven’t even had a chance to read them yet!

  2. Cassie Wilson Says:

    The Mocks and the real nominations have to be made from advance reader copies because of time pressures, so, of course, not everyone will have had access. Besides, the Newbery Awards are not a “popular” award, that is, not chosen by democratic vote; it is an honor given by “expert critics and readers.”

  3. lisav Says:

    As a reviewer, I do get an early look at the next season’s titles. I am reading about three to four months ahead. I know it is frustrating when someone recommends a title and it isn’t available RIGHT NOW! By the time the discussion lists are buzzing all of these titles will be available. We need to give our kids time to read, they are sharing copies and passing them around. FYI, the hot book that they are dying to get their hands on Out of Mind by Sharon Draper, Nicky Flynn, How I got a Life and a Dog, and Strange Case of Origami Yoda. The surprise is Printz love for The Gardner…The teachers asked that it be moved from Newbery to Printz, okay with me.

  4. Katherine Tillotson Says:

    Any predictions for the Caldecott this year?

  5. :paula Says:

    I am surprised to see Guys Read on the Printz list – I have been handing that out (throwing it at!) all my middle grade boys, and they’ve been snarfling it up. The Christopher Paul Curtis story is the clincher – sells the whole book!