Entertainment Weekly is RECKLESS

USA Today and Entertainment Weekly seem to be in a rivalry over who has the exclusives to various kids and YA books. USA Today has a lock on Wimpy Kid.  Entertainment Weekly has featured several exclusives about the Twilight series, both the books and the movies. Now it’s featuring an exclusive trailer for Cornelia Funke’s upcoming book (we can’t embed it, so maybe it really is exclusive, although it’s also on the Little, Brown Young Readers Reckless site as well).

Lest you begin to suspect that Entertainment Weekly has a cozy deal with Little, Brown publisher of both the Twilight series and Reckless, they have also been running exclusives about the HarperCollins YA title, I Am Number Four, coming out next week. One of the exclusives is an interview with the author, who claims to be “an extraterrestrial Elder from Lorien named Pittacus Lore.”

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