The final episode of HBO’s Big Little Lies, which aired on Sunday, has left fans clamoring for more.

Liane Moriarty, who wrote both the novel and its screen adaptation, tells Elle magazine today that she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a sequel.

Meanwhile, Witherspoon and her co-producer Nicole Kidman also have the rights to Moriarty’s 2016 novel, Truly Madly Guilty. The author says, “That is still going ahead, though it’s not yet decided whether it will be a movie or a series.”

There’s been little news on other Moriarty adaptations. Rights were sold some time ago to both The Husband’s Secret and to What Alice Forgot. but there has been no recent news on either. In an article titled “Enjoyed Big Little lies? The best Liane Moriarty books to read next,” The Telegraph indicates both may still be in development.

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