Today, J.K. Rowling fans are pondering the meaning of the title of her next book, which she revealed yesterday in an online contest.

The next in the Cormoran Strike series, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, it’s titled Lethal White. So far the leading guess is that the title refers to a rare genetic disorder among horses.

At this point, there’s no ISBN and it’s not listed on wholesaler or retailer sites. Rowling did not give a publication date, but said that she is at work on chapter 23. Based on that, there is a slim possibility that it will be released this fall, which would be good timing since the first in the TV series adaptation of the books is expected to air on HBO later this year.

9781338132311_cc2efShe has plenty of other projects to occupy her time, including the screenplays for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies, with the second scheduled for November, 2018. There may also be another non-HP book in the works under her own name, as she teased back in December.

Yesterday’s release of an updated version of the faux Hogwarts text book, Fantastic Beasts, also set the internet ablaze because it contains some new details about the HP universe.

2 Responses to “The Next CORMORAN STRIKE Novel”

  1. jogray Says:

    I did notice that if you do a Google search that the term “lethal white” comes up for a rare lethal genetic disorder for horses–but I think it is far more likely since these are crime novels and because Cormoran Strike’s own mother died from a drug overdose, (or more likely was murdered by a drug overdose), that the title refers to the Lethal White version of heroin. “The HSE has issued a public health message about a cocaine-like drug that is eight times more powerful than heroin…The HSE said it has concerns about a LETHAL WHITE powder which is on the market and wanted to highlight that the product, called U-47700, may be in circulation.”

  2. Nora Rawlinson Says:

    Hi jogray;

    Thanks for your comment. You’ve come up with the most plausible explanation I’ve heard yet.