The Trump Bump Continues

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Donald Trump may have read fewer books than he has written, but, as we’ve noted before, his administration is having an effect on book sales.  Frederick Douglass’s autobiography got a boost after Trump lauded him this week (although, based on his comments, some question if he has a firm handle on who Douglass was). The number of titles is growing so rapidly that Lit Hub has begun a running list, which includes the Constitution

Trump is not the only one in the administration having an effect on sales. As we noted earlier, a NYT report that Trump senior advisor Bannon assigned David Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest to everyone in the cabinet because it shows “how little mistakes early on can lead to big ones later,” caused that book to rise on Amazon’s sales rankings.

There’s no word on whether Trump is reading it.

One Response to “The Trump Bump Continues”

  1. Andrew Smith Says:

    Short guess is that Trump can’t/won’t read it. It also seems that Bannon missed the entire point, which is that people profit from misleading those above them without moral qualms for the lives below them.