The Golden Globes

The glitzy award season starts Sunday, Jan. 8 with the Golden Globes, which honors both film and TV and is known for being less formal than the Oscars, in no small part because drinks are available to the guests throughout the evening.

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There are many literary connections among the nominees, from Outlander and Game of Thrones to Fences and The Night Manager.

LitHub offers a run down of them all, along with the awards each is up for and a short summary.

Perhaps even more interesting is their list of snubs, which they call “frankly outrageous.” Titles that did not make the cut this year include The Handmaiden, Orange is the New Black, Love & Friendship, and Certain Women.

About The Handmaiden, LitHub says, “The movie is gorgeous, sensual, terrifying, and an utterly captivating experience—more captivating even than its source material. It’s a stunning achievement, and it should really get every award.”

Love & Friendship is defended with “A generally underrated (or at least under-discussed) film this year, but actually great. Whit Stillman! Kate Beckinsale! Chloë Sevigny! Jane Austen, except meaner than you remember! Well-acted, lively, and satisfyingly acerbic.”

LitHub also lists The Girl on the Train but says “Just kidding. Even Emily Blunt couldn’t save this movie.”

EW offers a full list of the nominees and where they can be viewed.

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