More From F. Scott Fitzgerald

9781501144349_5b955The last unpublished works of Fitzgerald’s will hit shelves on April 11, 2017. The collection is titled I’d Die For You: And Other Lost Stories, F. Scott Fitzgerald, edited by Anne Margaret Daniel (S&S/Scribner).

According to The Guardian, quoting a Scribner statement, the works include magazine pieces that were never published as well as works Fitzgerald could not sell in the 1930s because their “subject matter or style departed from what editors expected.”

Scribner goes on to say that the collection features:

“Fitzgerald writing about controversial topics, depicting young men and women who actually spoke and thought more as young men and women did, without censorship … Rather than permit changes and sanitising by his contemporary editors, Fitzgerald preferred to let his work remain unpublished, even at a time when he was in great need of money and review attention.”

Scribner reports the title story is “drawn from Fitzgerald’s stays in the mountains of North Carolina when his health, and that of his wife Zelda, was falling apart … Most of the stories [in the collection] come from this time period, during the middle and late 1930s, though the collection spans Fitzgerald’s career from 1920 to the end of his life.”

Last year another lost story by Fitzgerald made news. It was then published in The Strand magazine and was praised by Laura Miller in Slate.

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