Collection Development:
Criminal Justice

9781595586438_bc0eeThe Marshall Project (named in honor of Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) has released a core list of titles on criminal justice.

Not only is the list useful for collection building, the leading title, The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander (Perseus/PGW/Legato/The New Press; OverDrive Sample), soared on Amazon, rising to #6 in an impressive leap from #90.

Other titles on the list rose as well.

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Between the World and Me: Notes on the First 150 Years in America, Ta-Nehisi Coates (PRH/Spiegel & Grau; BOT; OverDrive Sample), moved up to #8, jumping from #47.

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, Bryan Stevenson (PRH/Spiegel & Grau; BOT; OverDrive Sample) gained as well, bumping up to #95, from #137).

The full list of ten titles is available online, along with a longer list of titles the topic.

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