Favorite 2015 Books; The President Gets Into the Act

It seems everyone is naming their favorite books of 2015.

President Obama in an interview with People magazine, says his favorite is a novel that is on many best books lists, a finalist for the National Book Award but not the winner, Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies.

The title is absent from one significant Top Ten list. While the New York Times listed it as one of their 100 Notable Books, it was shut out of the Top Ten. In the “Inside the NYT Book Review” podcast this week, the editors discuss their battles over the selections and reveal that one of the editor fought to include the title, but ultimately lost.

Michelle Obama’s favorite book? Elizabeth Alexander’s memoir, The Light of the World, which appeared on neither of the NYT lists.

One Response to “Favorite 2015 Books; The President Gets Into the Act”

  1. A Says:

    As always, might I suggest not reading the comments on any article about the Obamas. Silly how much hatred and bickering a discussion of *books* could provoke!

    The First Family has good taste, for what it’s worth. Thanks for pointing out the article!