StarWars, The Hunt for Spoilers

As a Thanksgiving treat, a new trailer was released for Star Wars.

The Guardian mines the short video for plot clues.

Others are mining even flimsier material. According to NPR News, fans are even analyzing tie-in toys for what they reveal about the movie. The soundtrack is also being examined for spoilers. One enterprising super-fan has pulled all the spoilers together to create an plot outline.

No wonder LucasFilms was so paranoid about spoilers that they forced the publisher to put off the publication date of both the adult and junior novelization until well after the movie’s 12/18/15 release (this only applies to the print versions; the adult ebook isscheduled for release the same date as the movie).

Spoiler-free childrens books are rising on Amazon’s sales rankings, The Star Wars Little Golden Book Library, released in September, is currently at #13 (PRH/Little Golden Book). Each volume in the series retells the previous six Star Wars movies. Much further down in the rankings is the forthcoming  Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo (PRH/DK Children, Dec. 18), now at #381.

A rundown of all the books coming at the time of the release of the movie is available and Listening Library provides a list of their audios for Middle Graders.

We’ve added the library-friendly titles (no stickers or light sabers), to our listing of tie-ins to upcoming movies.

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