Welcome Annie Mazes to Workman

Annie–MazesJoin us in welcoming Annie Mazes in her first day on the job as Adult Library Marketing Manager for Workman Publishing.

Many of you have come to know Annie in her five years working with Virginia Stanley at HarperCollins’ Library Marketing and have learned to rely on her knowledge and enthusiasm for both books and libraries. She is in fact a librarian herself with an MLS from Queens College.

Annie has shown her willingness to throw decorum aside to promote books. We’ve never seen anyone make a plastic spoon seem as threatening as she did in the following promo for HarperCollins Buzz session at ALA Annual (Annie’s on the left, with Virginia in the middle and Amanda Rountree on the right).

This is just one of the major life changes Annie will be making this fall. In October, she is getting married.

Annie takes over from Michael Rockliff, who has retired and recently sent a message to his library contacts, also welcoming Annie,
“I leave Workman, confident that they (and you) are in the best possible hands” You can keep in touch with Michael on Facebook.

Many of you also know Trevor Ingerson who worked with Michael at Workman and will now be heading up library marketing for their juvenile and YA titles. He has his own personal connection to the library world. He is also getting married, in just a few days, to librarian Stephanie Anderson (Darien Public Library, CT).

Contact information for both is below (our full listing of library marketing contacts is in the links at the right, under Publisher Contacts):

Annie Mazes: 212-614-7572; amazes@workman.com

Trevor Ingerson: 212-614-5604; trevor@workman.com

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