STILL ALICE, New Trailer

The film adaptation of Lisa Genova’s novel Still Alice  (S&S/Gallery, 2009) won’t open in most theaters until mid-January, but reviews and publicity have already arrived, based on its Oscar-qualifying one week release in New York and Los Angeles. More will be coming as Oscar season heats up.

Julianne Moore iis considered a shoe-in for a best actress nomination for her portrayal of a woman dealing with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. USA Today says it’s  “one of the best in her career … Her performance powerfully captures the growing confusion caused by the debilitating illness.”

A new trailer focuses on Moore, also featuring Kristen Stewart as her daughter and Alec Baldwin as her husband.

Tie-ins came out this week:

9781501106422_ba765Still AliceLisa Genova
S&S.Gallery: December 16, 2014
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