Hoopla To Begin Offering E-Books

NewImageHoopla will demo a new approach to library e-book lending during this week’s BEA (Booth # 1239), the pay-per-circulation model, already being used by the platform for video and audio.

Publishers Weekly quotes Hoopla founder and Midwest Tape v-p Jeff Jankowski, “We are totally against the one copy/one user platform.That platform, and the whole platform of the physical library business, or the old video rental store, was based on dissatisfaction—you almost never get what you want. If you want the new John Grisham, for example, chances are you’re going to have to wait three or four months.”

PW adds, “Jankowski acknowledges that, as with many new library products based on a transactional model, success can be the scariest prospect. If a product proves popular, it can complicate budgeting…” but that many librarians who were initially skeptical, have come to appreciate that it allows them to only pay for what is actually used.

The platform is to be released “later this year.” Meanwhile, one of Hoopla’s main tasks will be convincing publishers to sign on.

Official press release

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