YOUNG MONEY, Morning Edition

Young MoneyIf you haven’t yet become inured  to the “greed is good” phenomenon among financial kingpins, give a listen to Kevin Roose on NPR’s Morning Edition as he reveals the dripping distain they exhibit towards outsiders during one of their annual secret society events, which Roose describes as being “like The Wolf of Wall Street meets the Elk Club.”

In his new book, Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street’s Post-Crash Recruits, (Hachette/Grand Central), Roose follows eight people in their first two years on Wall Street. It seems that world has lost its shine. Of the 8 people, only 3 are still in finance and just one of them is happy in the job. Says Roose, “The sex appeal is in Silicon Valley now. That’s where you go if you want to strike it rich. It has the cultural cachet that Wall Street used to have.”

Roose writes for New York magazine, an except of his book is in the current issue.

Libraries are showing holds.

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