Books at the Superbowl

As  book people know, it’s important tune in to major cultural events to see what book information they may convey.

What did yesterday’s Superbowl broadcast tell us about forthcoming books?

Unsurprisingly, books got scant attention on the field, so we had to turn to the commercials. At $4 million per 30-second spot, we didn’t expect an actual book ad, but there were a few for book adaptations, including the usual comics-based movie teaser; this time for two Marvel productions, Captain America: Winder Solder, coming April 4th, and  Amazing Spider-Man 2, which releases on May 2nd. Several children’s tie-ins are coming for each, which are listed on our Upcoming Movies Based on Book, with Tie-ins.

Also featured, a trailer for the already heavily-promoted FX TV series based on Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s vampire trilogy, The Strain, (HarperCollins/Morrow, 2009). This one has already appeared on the Web, so no surprises. The moody trailer seems to have mystified some and it still only gives “Summer” as the release date.

We did learn that Fox, in partnership with National Geographic, is putting marketing bucks behind their reboot of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted by the world’s best-known astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, with the tagline, “14 billions years in 13 episodes.” It begins airing on March 9.


Cosmos Tie-inCosmos by Carl Sagan, Foreword by Neil deGrasse Tyson

December 10, 2013

9780345539434, 0345539435 $15.00

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