Amazon Puts Cart Before Horse

When we saw the following headline, we immediately double-checked the story’s date. But, no, it’s dated Jan. 17, not April 1.

Headline of the week

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon now has a patent for “anticipatory shipping.”

We’re working on a patent for anticipatory returns.

The fight to protect privacy continues to lose ground.

3 Responses to “Amazon Puts Cart Before Horse”

  1. Wendy Bartlett Says:

    Dang it! Amazon beats me to the punch again. I wanted to count library circulation on books BEFORE they are published because I KNOW customers will want them!

    And note to Amazon: UPS will still be overwhelmed and deliver dead lobsters on December 29th. Just sayin’.

  2. Chris Donohoo Says:

    Hmm, isn’t this what bricks-n-mortar stores already do? Will they have to pay a license fee to amazon now?

  3. Maureen Says:

    Is the update coming for People Magazine Book Selection?