Coming Valentine’s Day (of course), is the second adaptation of Scott Spencer’s Endless Love. The trailer debuted on MTV News earlier today.

Based on the 1979 best seller (HarperCollins), the 1981 film version was directed by Franco Zeffrelli, starred Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt and was considered a bit of a mess. Roger Ebert noted, “The novel Endless Love is about a teenage boy who remembers, with full ferocity and grief and yearning, the great love of his life, after it has been ended by fate and the adult world. The movie Endless Love is about a teenage boy and girl who are in love, until fate and adults end their relationship. There is all the difference in the world between these two story sequences, and although there are a great many things wrong with the movie, this blunder on the narrative level is the worst.”

From the trailer, it appears the new version may have the same issue (Hollywood.com accuses it of looking like a Nicholas Sparks movie).

The new version stars Alex Pettyfer, who has appeared in two movies based on teen novels, I Am Number Four and Beastly, and Gabriella Wilde who has a supporting role in Carrie, which opens this weekend.

Official Web Site: EndlessLoveMovie.com

Trailer below:


Endless LoveEndless Love: A Novel
Scott Spencer
Paperback: 9780061926006, 0061926000

It is also available in e-book from Open Road Media, as is the rest of Spencer’s backlist, through library e-book vendors. Click here to see Open Road’s interview with Spencer, which is available for use on library web site.

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