9780062225795_0_CoverScientist and “celebrity atheist,” Richard Dawkins, appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, to discuss his book, An Appetite for Wonder, (HarperCollins/Ecco; HarperAudio), which is part one of his memoir. The second part is due out in two years, if, says the author, he is “not carried off by the unpredictable equivalent of a sneeze.”

The book is reviewed twice on the NPR web site, one calls it a “delightful memoir… funny and modest, absorbing and playful … a marvelous love letter to science.” The other complains that the first half of the book suffers from “little drama, humor, or any other redeeming factor,” but that the “the pace of the book moves up a notch” after Dawkins discovers science.

Several libraries are showing increased holds on light ordering for the book.

Below is the extended interview, part one (link to the site for parts two and three)

One Response to “Dawkins on THE DAILY SHOW”

  1. California Atheist Says:

    I love how sincere Richard Dawkins is towards atheists. He directs the new atheist movement, and really gives people courage to come out as non believers.
    He is right in pointing out that all religious people are not fundementalists, but they help build a culture where it’s OK to believe in the young earth and deny evolution.