Living Philosophy

NYT Magazine July 21The cover story of the upcoming NYT Magazine, published online last night, already has 100 comments and is one of the most e-mailed articles from the site.

A Life-or-Death Situation is about Margaret Pabst Battin, professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, who has written many books about the ethics of dying, including Ending Life: Ethics and the Way We Die, (OUP, 2005), Ethical Issues in Suicide (1982; currently O.P.) and The Least Worst Death: Essays in Bioethics on the End of Life. (OUP, 1994).

These issues are now practical as well as philosophical for Battin. When her husband broke his neck in a bicycling accident, he survived because of the very interventions his living will stated he did not want. Now he is paraplegic and the two struggle with the question of when his life is no longer worth the pain.

Many libraries own Battin’s books.

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  1. Ann Says:

    Mr. Hopkins is evidently quadraplegic, not paraplegic. Powerful article.