Maggie Hope A Best Seller

Mr. Churchill's Secretary   Princess Elizabeth's Spy   His Majesty's Hope

The strategy of introducing a new author in less-expensive trade paperback, rather than hardcover, has paid off  for the Maggie Hope series about a British code breaker in WW II. The third novel, His Majesty’s Hope, (RH/Bantam; BOT Audio) hits the NYT best seller list at #18 (tied with #17) this week.

The author, Susan Elia MacNeal was nominated for an Edgar for Best First Novel by an American, with the first in the series, Mr. Churchill’s Secretary. The second,  Princess Elizabeth’s Spy was selected by as one of  seven “Compulsively Readable Mysteries (for the Crazy-Smart Reader).”

2 Responses to “Maggie Hope A Best Seller”

  1. Wendy Bartlett Says:

    I love this series!!! It’s on my must read list!

  2. Sarah Paige Says:

    I too adore this new series! I’ve read the first two, and can’t wait to acquire the third. Keep on writing, Susan!!