Revenge of The Living

Who knew that writing a popular series of books could be so dangerous? The WSJ reports that Charlaine Harris has opted out of doing a tour for her upcoming 13th Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Ever After (Penguin/Ace, releasing Tuesday) because fans have been so vocal in their disappointment that it is the final book in the series.

Harris is planning a new series, set in small West Texas town, featuring “..familiar characters and supernatural themes, which could help draw Sookie fans to the books.” As a bridge, Ace will release a short story next spring featuring both Sookie and the main character of the new series (no publishing information yet, but it is likely to be an ebook-only title).

After DeadShe has also written an epilogue to the Sookie series, After Dead, (Penguin/Ace), an A to Z listing of over 100 characters, with information on what happens to each of them, coming in November.

In October, she will release the first in a series of graphic novels, Cemetery Girl, in which a girl who is left for dead in a graveyard, wakes up with no idea how she got there and the unsettling ability to see spirits (9780425256664; listed in the publishers catalog, on page 24).

One Response to “Revenge of The Living”

  1. jackie Says:

    That’s sad to hear. People have become so self-centered and demanding.

    Perhaps Ms. Harris could use Neil Gaiman’s response to a fan expecting great things (and soon) of George R.R. Martin. To wit: “George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.”

    Mr. Gaiman goes on to respond, rather pleasantly, that people (writer’s being people) aren’t machines. It is really a good blog post and one a fan of any book series (or any art) should read.