NYT Breaks Embargo on Amanda Knox Book

Waiting to Be HeardDiane Sawyer was supposed to have the first word on Amanda Knox’s memoir, Waiting to Be Heard,(Harper; HarperLuxe, HarperAudio) in an interview with the author on April 30, the book’s publication date. Instead, the NYT‘s publishing reporter, Julie Bosman got it first, breaking the embargo with a story on Friday.

Knox, an American attending college in Perugia, Italy, was accused, along with her boyfriend, of killing her roommate. She was tried, convicted and imprisoned, but released after the the decision was was overturned. In March, the Italian courts again changed their minds and ordered a new trial, which is to be held some time next year.

Holds are heavy in many libraries.

One Response to “NYT Breaks Embargo on Amanda Knox Book”

  1. Harry Rag Says:

    Why would anyone believe anything Amanda Knox says? She gave three different alibis which all turned out to be false and repeatedly accused an innocent man of murder. The Italian Supreme Court recently confirmed Knox’s conviction for slander. She is a convicted criminal and a proven liar.

    If anybody wants to understand the reasons why Amanda Knox was convicted of murder, I recommend reading the translation of the official sentencing report. It can be downloaded from the Perugia Murder File website: